It's Snow Problem for CT

31 March, 2017

One of the ultimate driving experiences in the world.

It’s one of the ultimate driving experiences in the world.

Imagine the toughest winter conditions on the globe complete with snow, ice and freezing winds. Now take a Porsche and test your driving techniques to the limit hitting a specially designed track on a unique icy surface.

Located in Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia, Porsche China Snow Force challenges those adrenaline junkies in love with Porsche to push their driving skills to the edge.

No stranger to extreme weather conditions, Creative Technology (CT) are now in their fourth year of working for Avantgarde Shanghai providing all technical aspects of audio, video and lighting for the hospitality areas. The central feature to the event, the tent structure holds briefing sessions, lunches and gala dinners for the guests that ranged from press and media to existing and potential Porsche owners.

On site for nearly eight weeks in temperatures exceeding -40°C, CT’s crew saw waves of up to 50 people a time attending two days driving on the frozen lake.