Election Projection Selection for CT

26 June, 2017

The BBC contracted CT to project imagery and data onto Broadcasting House as part of the official Election Special programme.

As the General Election campaign drew to a close, and the drama unfolded as to who would govern the UK for the next few years, the BBC results programme used the BBC Broadcasting House as a canvas to display the exit polls and results as they came in.

Following the success of the 2015 election and 2016 EU referendum programmes, the BBC once again contracted Creative Technology (CT) to project imagery and data onto the Art Deco building as part of the official BBC General Election Special programme’s backdrop. As in previous years, CT worked through the night to display the figures as they were verified and announced, utilising six of the latest additions to CT’s projector fleet, the 30K lumen Panasonic PT-DZ31K projectors. These were situated in two locations; three in Regent Street’s St George Hotel and three at The Langham.

Featuring 3D visuals as well as key live updates on statistics and data throughout the evening, the content was created by the BBC News team on the night. The live data captured from the BBC’s VIS engine was pulled directly into CT’s four Photon media servers placed within The Langham, with the onsite team translating it into the visual graphics projected on the building.

CT used their MediorNet signal transport system to pass all of the content and projection data through a single run of fibre cable, which was also able to carry all of the communication links between the BBC News team within Broadcasting House and the CT team who were split between the two hotels.

CT’s project manager, Paul Seeger was delighted to bring the BBC’s Broadcasting House to life: “Yes, the set-up is a challenge but for the third year running delivered reliable and impressive results. It always looks fantastic and provides a pretty stunning backdrop to the programme, whichever way the public votes!”