CT Brings Technology To London Fashion Week

04 March, 2016

Anya Hindmarch's 2016 London Fashion Week AW runway show fused technology with fashion.

You might not expect the fashion world and the technology world to collide too often but this year’s London Fashion Week turned tradition on its head with the ever-eclectic Anya Hindmarch using 8-bit technology as inspiration for her latest Autumn/Winter 2016 line.

Creative Technology (CT) helped to deliver Hindmarch’s extravagant runway which comprised of a floor-to-ceiling backdrop built from cubes as a nod to large old-school pixels. Throughout the show, nine columns would disengage themselves from the backdrop and move freely across the runway.

The backdrop and cubes were built using Perspex-diffused Spider 30mm LEDs displays which were supplied by CT. The columns, as well as the backdrop, came alight throughout the show in an array of colours that complimented the fashion onstage. The use of Perspex created a surface that could both emit and receive light, making the LED displays flexible so that they could easily shift between the high saturation of the colours and the brightness of white which opened the show.

Working for INCA Productions and Blink TV, CT also provided the playback system which made this show happen. Using a Watchout 6, CT were able to utilise many new content playback features, such as 3D-visualisation during pre-production, virtual displays and image sequencing.

The event was one of London Fashion Week’s many highlights with its unconventional runway causing a stir in the media.

Watch Anya Hindmarch's AW16 show here.