Bastille Enter Into A Wild World With CT

17 November, 2016

Joining Bastille as they embark on their largest tour, CT supplied LED to deliver the visual element for Bastille's European leg of their tour.

With their largest tour to date, Bastille took the opportunity to combine their music prowess with a strong visual display which featured an incredible pairing between lighting and LED. Creative Technology (CT) worked with production manager, Joel Stanley and lighting designer, Rob Sinclair to deliver the visual element in Bastille’s Wild World tour.

Throughout the pre-production process, it became clear that a clean and smooth design was desired by not only the production team but also the band themselves. Creating a bold and impacting shape was at the forefront of everyone’s mind when considering the LED and the lighting, bringing the two together to create an incredible visual show.

The final design revolved around an asymmetrical V-shaped LED rig which was flown above the band with Rob’s intricate lighting design hung underneath, facing downwards. Made from just under 80m2 of ROE MC7, the challenge was how to rig this V-shape at multiple venues whilst maintaining the design wanted by the production team and band. Using custom-made metal additional joints to create a cleaner finish, CT was able to produce the modern and fresh design that is seen onstage.

Complementing this gondola was a 75m2 ROE MC7 back wall with two 20k projectors creating the side-stage IMAGs. Backstage, Catalyst media servers provided control to the FOH team with Nev Bull at the helm of video control as the Catalyst Engineer. Alongside this, CT also provided a multitude of cameras, supplying tour director Steve Price, with a large amount of footage as four HD cameras, two robot cameras and a further four mini-cams, with one on a tracking slider beside the drummer, kept their sights on the band.

Although CT have worked with the creatives involved previously, and with Bastille on a festival stage, this is the first time CT have worked with the band directly to bring their own vision to life on their tour. 

Jim Liddiard, CT’s Project Manager, believes that this is one of the most impressive designs he has seen: “The band is very hands on in how the show looks and we have gone through a variety of designs in the whole process of getting this tour together. That being said, Rob Sinclair’s ultimate design is one of the best arena designs that I have seen in a long time and we are really glad to be a part of this tour.”